Online Renters Insurance Won’t Cover You If the Bedbugs Bite

Lately the media has reported stories about the rise of bedbug infestations throughout the country. Prior to 1995, bedbugs were- for the most part- eradicated in the United States. But things like air travel, an increased exchange of secondhand furniture and simple neglect of destroying pesticides have resulted in the rise of these pesky critters. Bedbugs have been found in office buildings, movie theaters, hotels and apartment buildings. That’s why many online renter’s insurance policies do not cover the cost to get rid of them.Light brown, parasitic and blood-sucking, these insects may have sought refuge in your rented home. And it’s considered your responsibility to keep your home free of all kinds of pests. While many policies will reimburse you for loss or damage as the result of theft, fire, natural disasters or water damage, most will not cover something that can be resolved by taking preventive measures.One of these preventive measures is simply educating yourself. After all, you can’t destroy what you can’t identify. So with bedbugs, keep in mind the following:• They are flat, oval and reddish brown in color.• They are usually found in and around bedding.• They can travel to your rented home through cracks in walls, wire, pipe holes and conduits, or suitcases and clothing.If you’ve recently gone on a vacation, check your luggage for these tiny insects. If you’ve recently bought secondhand furniture, check to see it doesn’t harbor them. You can also hire a pest control service to routinely treat your home for bedbugs or other pests.Online renters insurance will take care of you and your family in many instances. But if the bedbugs decide to bite, it’s your responsibility to take the steps needed to get rid of them.To buy renters insurance online is only one half the equation that makes up a whole strategy that must implemented to protect one’s home and belongings. The most fundamentally important thing to do, however, is to take commonsense measures to protect yourself. Sure, it is the right thing to buy renters insurance online at a reasonable cost for peace of mind, but it is also critical to remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.The unexpected can happen to anyone. And if it does, those without insurance will be left with an out-of-pocket expense. Have peace of mind knowing that your possessions are covered and buy insurance online today.

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